Alexis DeJesus#204254C

Last Name:Dejesus
First Name:Alexis
Doc/Inmate#409829 204254C
Facility Name:New Jersey State Prison
 Address : P.O.Box 861
City & State :Trenton ,NJ 08625
Gender: Male
Race: Hispanic
Religion: No Religion
Eyes Color: Brown
Hair color : Brown
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Hometown: Puerto Rico
Birth Date:3/24/80
Institutions Email (Jpay /Corrlinks etc.): J-Pay
Earliest Release Date: 2049
Latest Release Date:2049
Incarcerated Since:1998
On Death Row:No
Crime for which you are incarcerated:Murder
Hello, My name is Alexis family and friends call me Frijor lol. ( That's pronounced Free Ho) I know its Very Different , and one thing for sure is that you can expect me to be very different .I'm open minded,understanding and easy going.I enjoy Reading and writing,talking and texting about anything.I'm interested in meeting nice people getting to know them and what their interest are.If you already have a good opinion of me now wait unitl we talk .Please do not hesitate to contact me Get to know me . I'll be waiting 🙂